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San Diego Comic Con, Curia IE Wonder Woman enters the Wonder Woman cosplay contest to investigate the strange supernatural occurrences that have been happening at convention & happens to win the contest, unintentionally beating the runner up Sabrina, who also happens to be a very upset witch for coming in second, & the cause of the all the supernatural occurrences. Sabrina decides to cast a slow acting spell on the replica tiara prize as revenge for coming in second place.

After being crowned by the judges Curia decides to keep the tiara on until she gets back to her room, where Donna Troy IE Wonder Girl is waiting to see what she found out & jokingly says as she puts the cursed tiara on, while laughing about Wonder Woman winning the look alike contest, "What are you going to do with a duplicate tiara?"not knowing the consequences of her action.

Some time later Curia & Donna are starting to feel a little stiff, brushing it off as the result of all the standing & walking they had done throughout the day, when Sabrina not knowing the transformation has not yet finished, bursts into the hotel room, alarmed to find Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl chatting across from one another on the two beds, Sabrina attempts to leave almost as fast as she came in, when she is ensnared by Wonder Woman's golden lasso.

Recognizing her immediately Curia says arrogantly & inquisitively "Sabrina what are you doing here?" Compelled by the magic lasso says with an ear to ear grin, "I came to retrieve my newest dolly, teehee." Confused by her own confession, why did I say that out loud, she thought. Wonder Woman's arrogant stare was replaced with an inquisitive one.

"Maybe after a few more questions we will find out what you are up to here" a moment later Wonder Woman dropped her magic lasso on the room floor. Wonder Girl looking on with a puzzled look about Curia. "Curia are you OK?" Wonder Girl asked.

"OOH!" Was all Wonder Woman could say as her mouth froze in position. Donna moved closer to Curia to get a better look at what was happening when Donna realized her legs weren't responding to her thoughts anymore, "What the he...." As Donna's mouth contorted into the same OOH position as Curia. The two superhero's were no longer able to move or speak, all they could do is watch each other helplessly, as the strange transformation enveloped them.

Curia & Donna's bodies felt empty inside as if they were filled with air or helium, exposed skin started to take on an artificial sheen as if they were made of plastic or latex, their breasts grew at least a couple of cup sizes, what looked to be seams started to appear along their arms & legs, while little squeaks & hissing sounds could be heard as their anuses, pussies moved & contorted sending unbelievable feelings of sexual pleasure all through their bodies. The change swept through their bodies, the crime fighters felt their thinking slip into the simplistic thinking of living sex dolls, with desire for sex and to obey the wishes of their new owner. The heroine's eyes, already glazed over with desire and lust, changed to bright painted features like the rest of their faces and their bodies finished their insidious changes.

Sabrina took the limp magic lasso off "Hmmp your superheroine physiology's must be why the transformation took so much longer to start, I'm so glad I was here to watch the mighty, turn into my newest dollies. mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha" Sabrina caressed the soft supple shinny inflated breasts of the two former superheroines, sending waves of both terrified and erotic emotions through both dolls.

"Well my dears, I guess I shouldn't have been so angry, I was expecting to extract some vengeance & a little cash selling some cosplay bimbo to an adult sex store, not own the wonder sisters, imagine how much money I will get when I sell you both off to one of your many enemies. Time to box you up, I always wondered if my gift would work on other special people, who knows maybe I can expand my collection later?"

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Scene 1: "Share Victory"

"Stay down monster…It is over!" Wonder Woman commanded, as her blonde partners, Power Girl and Miss Victory, held down the defeated green-skinned creature. Power Girl had her right boot firmly planted on the back of the strange creature, as Miss Victory held him down on the other side.

"You have no idea who you are dealing with, Wonder Bitch."

Curia reached down and picked up the large black rifle at her feet.  "I know a lot more than you think, Mr. Ugly.  I know that this weapon somehow turns anything it fires at into gold.  It shouldn't be hard to figure out who is behind this - this isn't your garden store technology here.  Not that you'll have a chance to care, where you're going."

Sirens pierced the air; the city police were converging on the scene, the local media right behind them.

"You may think you won today," he groaned as he glanced around at his three captors, "but mark my words - you're going to regret this."

"Blah, blah, blah."  Curia grabbed him by the chin.  "Every villain, every thug, every henchman, they always say the same thing when they lose.  It gets old, y'know?"  The police were rushing up to their position as Wonder Woman let go of his chin and stepped back.  "He's all yours, boys."  She turned and strode towards the throng of reporters and cameras, with Power Girl and Miss Victory right behind her.

Scene 2: "Saved the Day"

The three superheroines stood side-by-side, grinning, as they answered question after question posed by the reporters.

"Can we get a heroic photo for the paper?" one asked.  "Curia - Wonder Woman - can you stand in the center, holding the gun over your head, and the other two, on either side of her?  Let's see - maybe a salute from you, Miss Victory? And some sort of similar gesture from you, Power Girl.  A peace sign - perfect!   Now, say cheese…"

The cameras clicked and flashbulbs went off as every photographer took the chance to snag a heroic image for their media outlet.  Finally they were done, and the heroines relaxed a bit.

"One more question, boys, and then we're outta here," Curia declared.  "Okay, you over there, from the Gossiper."

"Are your tits real?"

All three heroines looked equally shocked and disgusted.  "Really, that's your question?" Power Girl exclaimed.  "We just saved the city AGAIN after all…"

"Sure, the way you always do, you beat the bad guy into submission. Do you ever think before you rush into a fight, or is that too difficult for you airheads?"

"That's ENOUGH!" Curia blurted out.  "Girls, let's go."  She flew upwards, into the air, the other two following, as the cameras continued to click.

Scene 3:  "Relaxing"

A few hours later, the three gorgeous superheroines were relaxing inside Curia's studio apartment.  Curia and Miss Victory were sharing the overstuffed black couch, their boots off, while Power Girl sat in the matching chair across from them.  Between them was a coffee table, with some magazines, fruit, and the remarkable weapon they had confiscated earlier.

Power Girl was holding up the front page of the Metro Gossiper that had just hit the streets.  "Can you believe this crap?"  The headline read, ‘Silicone Tits, Empty Heads!' just above a full-page photo of the three of them posing triumphantly.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, Karen," Curia replied.  "It's a tabloid, it's not a reputable newspaper.  Nobody believes anything they read or see in there."

Jennifer - Miss Victory - pointed to the other paper, the Daily Herald, on the table.  "See Karen, that paper, they got it right. ‘Heroines Save the Day.'  That's the one people read and believe."

"You're both right I guess," Power Girl assented.  "And they did get a nice shot of Curia's ass, front and center…"

"Hey!" Wonder Woman protested, as the two blondes giggled.  "How was I supposed to know there was a cameraman behind me?  I was busy giving that ugly thing a piece of my mind!"

"Not too big a piece I hope," Jennifer chuckled, and all three burst into laughter.

"So we are just gonna hang out until Bruce calls and says he's on his way to analyze the weapon?" Karen asked.

"Sure, why not? We deserve some girl time after getting our hands dirty with that filthy monster, right?" Curia declared.

"You bet!" the other two chorused.

Scene 4:  "Clueless"

In the room above them, watching from the balcony, was the villainess known as Gold Bar.  She had been there for some time, observing the three heroines, listening to them prattle on, oblivious to her presence.

‘These bimbos have no clue that my Golden Gun has a hidden tracking signal inside.  It was so easy to find them,' she thought as she held the small pistol in her hand.  It was no ordinary pistol, but a powerful tranquilizer gun, with three cartridges loaded inside.  ‘Three shots, and in seconds these three will be sleeping like kittens.  Then I'll show them what my Golden Gun can really do!  And I'll have special places for them in my trophy room, right next to the others.'

She glanced down at the empty cartridge box, labeled ‘SUZEtech Certified Genuine Injector Gun Refill Cartridge - Superhero (S+++) Rated'.  She silently thanked the mysterious SUZEtech Corporation.  Without their cutting-edge technology, she wouldn't be where she was today.  The Asian woman with the unusual gold-adorned attire and distinctive tattoos looked back to her unsuspecting prey, as she carefully aimed her gun at each.  They were talking, giggling, clueless as to what was about to happen.  

Scene 5: "Triumph"

Gold Bar waited until the perfect moment, when all three superheroines were in the perfect positions, the backs of their necks exposed and visible to her.  Then she fired her first dart at Power Girl, striking her in the back of the neck.

"Aaaahhh!" Karen gasped in shock, her arms flailing out as the paper she was holding fell to the floor. A yellow bolt of energy enveloped her from head to toe.  The heroine found herself unable to move or speak in the slightest no matter how much she tried.

   " What...what's going on ?.....why can't I move ?..... "  Powergirl wondered to herself as her body remained  still.  No doubt, her immobility was the result of some temporary effect of a weird item dreamed up.

  " When this wears off, I'll fix...oooooh....what's....happening to me ?..... " the heroine thought to herself as she felt her skin changing in the way it felt to her.  She could see by her reflection in a near by mirror that her skin was taking on artificial look and her cheeks were becoming bright red in color.  Her body seemed to becoming lighter by the second and her thinking seemed to be turning cloudy...foggy...

  " Feel so good...light...what happend me...I'm a good dolly.... "  Powergirl thought as her mouth took on the familiar ovular shape that all blow-up dolls have and her eyes became mere painted features like the rest of her face.

  Powergirl's soft rubber breasts seemed to have grown by a cup size as well as jiggle quite sensually.  Had gold Bar had been able to see, she would've noticed there were seams running down the sides of the heroine's body and arms and were visible under Powergirl's tights.

  From the heroine's point of view, the sensation of the material rubbing against her expanded chest caused her such intense erotic sensations that her mind almost blacked out from what she assumed was an orgasm.  When her thinking returned a few seconds later, she sensed her soft inanimate form producing both terrified and excited emotions from the doll.

"Karen!" Curia exclaimed, as she moved towards her friend.  " WHAT THE...??? "  Curia was off the couch, rushing to help her friend, when the dart found its mark.  She screamed, teetered briefly, then crashed into the table, sending all of the fruit and magazines, as well as the gun, crashing to the floor.  Curia fell backwards awkwardly, her feet under her, as she stared upwards towards the other mirror.
Curia managed to shout before the energy that was enveloping her and took away her ability to communicate as well as her ability to move on her own.  If that wasn't bad enough, the heroine could feel her body was starting to change in same manner that was both frightening and strangely pleasant.  She could see by her reflection in the mirror that her face was changing into some sort of glossy, synthetic material with her eyes opening wide and her mouth contorting into an ovular shape - both of their own accord.  

   The heroine felt her breasts slightly inflate and wobble as they pushed against her eagle crested bustier.  Curia felt her whole body was starting to become lighter as if her insides consisted of nothing more than gas or warm air.  She could feel her pussy forming into an ovular shape much like her mouth had and the heroine felt a tingling sensation in all three of her openings as if they needed to be filled...with something.

   "  The seams were becoming visible on the arms and legs of the dark haired woman and her legs were shifting further apart as they wafted slightly with their newfound lack of mass.  Curia's bright blue eyes, which had arrogantly stared down so many villans, had turned into flat painted features devoid of any emotion.

   " Curia mentally yelled for several seconds in quiet contemplation.  To her horror, she felt her arms, which seemed to bend into 45 degree angles all on there own.

   " Sex toy ?  You .....ohhh..... "  Curia thought angrily before her thinking was interrupted by waves of uncontrollable erotic pleasure from her now soft and supple skin.  The thought of her being nothing more than one of those disgusting blow-up dolls that she had heard about from several male villains in a derisive tone before ( and one or two heroes) was an option she truly loathed to deal with.

Jennifer was about to move too, when the dart struck her as she sat up, causing her to slump back.  a aura of bright energy surrounded her entire body and she found she had very little movement at all as well as diminished ability to speak.

   " What....what's this ??....." the heroine sputtered even as she felt her body changing by the second and her thinking becoming cloudy.

   If she could've known she would realize in her upcoming state, a newborn baby would have more strength to call his or her own than the heroic dolly, now immobilized woman.

   " "  Miss Victory gasped as the transformation started to take full effect on her body.  She could see her reflection in a nearby computer monitor and the heroine observed her skin turned to the same glossy substance as Curia and Powergirl.  The woman felt her whole body becoming lighter by the second and her ability to think was growing harder by the second.  She felt her breasts ( fairly large according to the tabloid press people) inflate slightly as they rubbed against the tight fitting costume she was wearing.  She felt and saw her arms draw tight to her sides with her forearms forming right angles to her body.  At the same time, her legs slowly separated into the familiar V shape that all love dolls had.

   As the change swept through her body, the blonde crime fighter felt her thinking slip into a simplistic thinking of a living love doll : the desire for sex and to obey the wishes of her owner.  The heroine's eyes, already glazed over with desire and lust, changed to bright painted features like the rest of her face and her body finished its' insidious change.

Scene 6: "Transformation"

Gold Bar ran down the stairs, gun still in hand, eager to see the results of her shots firsthand.  None of the three were moving, which was no surprise - the agent in the cartridges worked almost instantly.  What surprised her, though, was the state that she found them in.  They weren't simply immobile - they are now helpless sex dolls!  Their skin shiny and plastic-looking.  Their expressions vacant, and their mouths all in the same ‘O' shape.  

"What the hell?" Gold Bar shouted.  She had used this gun and cartridges before, and this had never happened.  She ran back upstairs and grabbed the box that the cartridges came in, then ran back downstairs with it in hand.  She glanced over the three superheroines again, then looked in the box, pulling out a folded sheet of paper inside.  She dropped the box as she started to read what was on the paper:

"Love Doll Transformation Formula?" She glanced around again - the three of them did certainly resemble inflatable sex dolls.  "Sex dolls?  What am I supposed to do with three inflatable sex dolls?"  She thumped her fist on the table.  "Well I can't exactly leave the three of you here.  Someone is about to show up and start asking questions."  She gathered up her two guns as she folded the paper and slid it down inside her golden boot.  "But how am I going to carry all three of you out here?"

She reached down for Curia, her hand around the transformed superheroine's neck.  "The paper says your mind is preserved intact and forever trapped inside this body.  I wonder what you're thinking right now, Wonder Whore.  Wonder!" she laughed at her little joke as she turned the suddenly-light Wonder Woman around easily.  "Well look what we have here!"  The dart that she had shot between Curia's shoulder blades was now an inflation valve.  She glanced down at the Metro Gossiper on the floor.  "Silicone tits, empty heads!  They don't know how close they were to reality!" She opened the valve and all of the air filling the transformed heroine rushed out.

A minute later, Gold Bar tossed the flattened body of Wonder Woman over the side of the couch, then repeated the same procedure with Miss Victory and Power Girl.  Their outfits, now no longer fitting them, dropped away, leaving three nude, deflated sex dolls behind.

Scene 7: "Photobooth"

Gold Bar was back at her secret lair.  On the floor, laying side by side, were the deflated, flattened, nude bodies of the three transformed heroines: Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and Miss Victory.  

The time it had taken her to travel home with her precious cargo had given her time to come up with an idea on what to do with them.  She knew that the League of Villains would be very interested in perhaps purchasing the three sex-dolls that were once three of their greatest adversaries.  She just had to make sure she marketed them properly, is all.

She quickly fashioned a small closet into an impromptu photobooth, then brought out an air compressor.  Picking up the deflated body of Wonder Woman, she carried her over to the air compressor, placed the end of the hose inside the open valve, and turned the compressor on.  To her delight, the inflated version of Curia now took on the traditional ‘love doll' pose, with a completely empty expression on her face to match.  Her mouth was once again in an ‘O' position, and her tits were now even bigger than they were when she was flesh-and-blood.

"Perfect.  Let's get you in the photobooth."  Gold Bar carried the inflated Wonder Woman over to the closet and positioned her inside, then retrieved her Polaroid camera and took a photo.

"Something is missing," she realized, then as she glanced back to the pile of outfits and accessories that were formerly worn by the heroines, she smiled.  "You need your tiara, Wonder Whore."  There was no response from Curia, as expected.  Gold Bar placed the tiara back on Curia's forehead, then started to take more photos.

"There, this one will work perfectly," Gold Bar muttered as she chose the best of the photos.  "Okay, time to pack you away, doll."  She carefully extricated Curia from the photobooth and opened the valve once more, as the air inside Wonder Woman escaped with a ‘whoosh'.

"I knew I saved the boxes my boots came in for a reason," Gold Bar grinned as she opened the first of three boxes she had found in the same closet.  She took her time, carefully folding Curia's flattened form until she was just a bit smaller than the top of the box.  Her blank, expressionless face was on top as Gold Bar placed her inside the box, then replaced the lid.  With a red Sharpie she wrote ‘Wonder Whore' on the top of the box, then taped the Polaroid photo next to it.

"One down, two to go…"

Scene 8: "RTFM"

Gold Bar sighed as she looked down at the table in front of her.  The three boxes were labeled with their contents: ‘Wonder Whore', ‘Power Tits', and ‘Victory Wench'.

She was in her trophy room, where, behind her, were some of her earlier conquests, all preserved for eternity in gold.  She had hoped to add these three, but SUZEtech had unexpectedly caused a change in plans.  No matter - when she showed the League of Villains what she had to offer them, she doubted she would have anything else to worry about, ever…

Heroines to Inflatable Dolls
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